ABM SKITTLES CLUB Wallingford Sports Park | Hithercroft Road | Wallingford | OX10 9RB
The ABM Skittles Club was formed in 1964 and is one of the few skittles leagues outside of the hotbed of 9-pin skittles - the West Country. We play most weekday evenings (Monday to Thursday) throughout the year with both a Winter and a Summer league in full swing. We use traditional wooden balls and pins and our players range from 16 to 80 years of age. Although the league is competitive, most players are mainly attracted by the comradery - oh, and the low bar prices! If you are interested in joining us at the Wallingford Sports Park on Hithercroft Road, just pop down and watch a game - you will be made most welcome! Enjoy a drink from the bar. Alternatively, to find out more, email us at abmskittles@gmail.com
COMING SOON!!! Club merchandise! None of this cheap, plastic tat - these are real fabric polo shirts and real glass glasses! We will be offering these for sale shortly. The unisex polo shirts will be available in 6 different sizes and in 17 different colours. If you are desperate to get your hands on either of these wonderful items, please email us at abmskittles@gmail.com. P.S. not to scale!
Highest Total: 193 Alsorts Lowest Total: 128 Spare Ribs Best Team Average: 179.5 Last Six Highest Leg: 46 Best Sellers 46 Spare Ribs Lowest Leg: 18 Spare Ribs Highest Score: 39 Bert Lovegrove 39 Charlie Lee 39 Matt Wright Best Average: 35.50 Martin Orme Highest Spare: 15 Lance Thompson Highest Losing Leg: 39 Alsorts 39 Find The Gap